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Sex Educator Starter Kit Webinar


Sex Educator Starter Kit

a pre-recorded webinar with Yana Tallon-Hicks

all about becoming an independent sex educator!

Watch from your laptop or phone, wherever you are!



1. Purchase your webinar here!

2. I will send you a welcome email, the password-protected webinar recording, and all of the training materials & resources via GoogleDocs.

3. Go kickstart your independent sex educator work! Change the world!

Webinar Description

The most common question I get besides “Which sex toy should I get?” is “CAN I PICK YOUR BRAIN?”. Well now ya can!

In this 75-minute webinar I’ll be spilling my sex educator guts about how I got started in this work and how you can, too including how to…

- create your unique brand
- self-promote
- build your audience
- structure a strong workshop
- find & keep clientele
- get booked & keep getting booked
- price yourself & get paid
- increase your knowledge base
- find resources for continuing education & professional connections
- get the sex educator ball rolling in your own home court!

Take-home resources will abound including continuing education options, branding brainstorm worksheets, a To-Do List for strong start, and a packet of customizable templates from my personal sex educator stash.

Read more about everything you get with this training here ---> http://yanatallonhicks.com/sexedstarterkit/

  • Basic Sex Educator Starter Kit - $200 93%
  • Sex Educator Starter Kit Plus 100%
  • Sex Educator Starter Kit Bundle Pack 100%